Iraq-born teen cracks maths puzzle

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STOCKHOLM (AFP) – A 16-year-old Iraqi immigrant living in Sweden has cracked a maths puzzle that has stumped experts for more than 300 years, Swedish media reported on Thursday.

In just four months, Mohamed Altoumaimi has found a formula to explain and simplify the so-called Bernoulli numbers, a sequence of calculations named after the 17th century Swiss mathematician Jacob Bernoulli, the Dagens Nyheter daily said.

Altoumaimi, who came to Sweden six years ago, said teachers at his high school in Falun, central Sweden were not convinced about his work at first.

“When I first showed it to my teachers, none of them thought the formula I had written down really worked,” Altoumaimi told the Falu Kuriren newspaper.

He then got in touch with professors at Uppsala University, one of Sweden’s top institutions, to ask them to check his work.

After going through his notebooks, the professors found his work was indeed correct and offered him a place in Uppsala.

But for now, Altoumaimi is focusing on his school studies and plans to take summer classes in advanced mathematics and physics this year.

“I wanted to be a researcher in physics or mathematics; I really like those subjects. But I have to improve in English and social sciences,” he told the Falu Kuriren.


English borrowing words

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Interaksi antarbahasa di dunia ini sangatlah tak mungkin dihindari. Itulah mengapa terjadi fenomena yang disebut borrowing words (peminjaman kata dari bahasa lain karena tidak adanya kata yang dapat menggantikannya di bahasa asalnya).

Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris tak luput dari gejala ini. Dalam kesempatan kali ini, saya hanya akan membahas kata-kata pinjaman yang digunakan dalam Bahasa Inggris. Tahukah Anda bahwa sekitar 80% kata dalam bahasa Inggris berasal dari bahasa lain? Sebagian besar pengguna Bahasa Inggris tidak sadar bahwa kata-kata yang mereka gunakan sebenarnya berasal dari bahasa lain. Mereka menganggap bahwa kata-kata tersebut adalah original.

Berikut adalah sebagian kecil daftar kata-kata pinjaman yang terdapat dalam Bahasa Inggris.

  1. Bahasa Indonesia: tempeh (tempe), amok / amuck (marah), sarong (sarung), kampong (kampung / desa), bamboo (bambu), mangosteen (manggis), orangutan (orang hutan), rambutan (rambutan)
  2. Bahasa Afrika: commando (komando), slim (langsing), trek (perjalanan)
  3. Bahasa Arab: alcohol (alkohol), monsoon (musim hujan), zero (nol)
  4. Bahasa Belanda: boss (bos), cookie (kue), lottery (lotere)
  5. Bahasa Denmark: fog (kabut), kidnap (culik), ombudsman (ombudsman)
  6. Bahasa Hindi: avatar (inkarnasi), jungle (hutan), shampoo (shampo)
  7. Bahasa Hungaria: coach (bus), itsy-bitsy (kecil), saber (pedang)
  8. Bahasa Italia: bankrupt (bangkrut), opera (opera), umbrella (paying)
  9. Bahasa Jepang: karaoke (karaoke), soy (saus kecap), tycoon (hartawan)
  10. Bahasa Jerman: blitz (kilat), dollar (dolar), muffin (muffin)
  11. Bahasa Kanton: ketchup (kecap), silk (sutra), wok (wajan)
  12. Bahasa Latin: calendar (kalender), data (data), uniform (seragam)
  13. Bahasa Mandarin: Japan (jepang), kowtow (bersujud), typhoon (angin topan)
  14. Bahasa Mesir: ebony (kayu hitam), ivory (gading), paper (kertas)
  15. Bahasa Norwegia: iceberg (gunung es), ski (ski), walrus (anjing laut)
  16. Bahasa Perancis: ambulance (ambulans), parachute (parasut), sauce (saus)
  17. Bahasa Portugis: breeze (angin sepoi-sepoi), coconut (kelapa), marmalade (selai jeruk)
  18. Bahasa Sansekerta: candy (permen), orange (jeruk), sugar (gula)
  19. Bahasa Tamil: anaconda (anaconda), curry (kari), mango (mangga)
  20. Bahasa Turki: caviar (kaviar), tulip (tulip), yoghurt (yoghurt)
  21. Bahasa Viking/Skandinavia: berserk (pengamuk), husband (suami), window (jendela)
  22. Bahasa Yunani: athlete (atlet), democracy (demokrasi), museum (museum)

GR8 news for worried parents

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GR8 news for worried parents: frequent use of text abbreviations does not harm children’s literacy – and may even improve it.

Are you able to read the title? GR8 = G R – /EIT/

Concerns have been raised that an explosion in the use of “textisms” like “CUL8R” and “wot u doin 2nite?” could be damaging children’s reading and spelling ability. To investigate, Beverly Plester and her colleagues at Coventry University in the UK asked 88 children aged 10 to 12 to write text messages describing 10 different scenarios. When they compared the number of textisms used to a separate study of the children’s reading ability, they found that those who used more textisms were better readers.

But do textisms improve literacy, or do better readers use more textisms? The preliminary results of a follow-up study seem to suggest the former, Plester says. She believes that this is because textisms are phonetically based: “Phonological awareness has long been associated with good reading skills.” Exposure to the written word in any form is also linked to improved literacy. “These kids are engaging with more written language and they’re doing it for fun.” (

Here are some frequently used texting terms or acronyms, words formed from each of the first letters of a phrase. There’s a full dictionary of the acronyms typically used in chatrooms here – and some of which parents should be particularly aware of including PAW – it means ‘parents are watching’!

AFAIK As far as I know
ATB All the best
BTW By the way
CID Consider it done
CUL8R Call you later
EZ Easy
H&K Hug and kiss
HHIS Hanging my head in shame
IYSS If you says so
ILY I love you
LOL Laughed out loud / Lots of luck
LTS Laughing to self
L8R G8R See you later alligator
LUWAMH Love you with all my heart
JM2p Just my two pence worth
OTOH On the other hand
2MORO Tomorrow
CU 2MORO See you tomorrow
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing
SHID Slaps head in disgust
SOHF Sense of humour failure
THX or TX Thanks
TTFN Ta ta for now
TWIMC To whom it may concern
oxoxoxoxo Hugs and kisses
WYSIWUG What you see is what you get
YBS You’ll be sorry
YKWYCD You know what you could do
YTLKIN2ME You talking to me?
YYSSW Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever

Outstanding facts of English

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As an international language, English has lots of speakers all over the world. How long have you been studying English? Do you know that English has outstanding facts? Here they are.

  1. The word set” has the most definitions.
  2. The longest word in English, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. The meaning is a chronic lung disease caused by the inhalation of fine silicate or quartz dust.
  3. The second longest word in the Oxford English Dictionary is floccinaucinihilipilification. It is the estimation of something as worthless.
  4. Stewardesses’ is the longest word you can type with the keyboard just using your left hand fingers.
  5. lollipop’ is the longest word you can type with the keyboard just using your right hand fingers.
  6. Typewriter’ is the longest word that you can type using letters in one row of the keyboard buttons (row QWERTY).
  7. Almost is the longest word in English with its letters in alphabetical order.
  8. Vowels (a, e, i, o, u) are used in alphabetical order in the only two words: ‘abstemious’ and‘facetious’.
  9. E is the most used letter of the alphabet, accounting for one in every eight in written English.
  10. T is the most frequent used letter of the alphabet.
  11. Q is the least used letter of the alphabet.
  12. T, O, A, W and B are the most frequent used letter of the alphabet in the initial position.
  13. Almost half of the English words are ended with ‘e’, ‘t’, ‘d’, and ‘s’.
  14. The’ is the most used word. You cannot speak without using ‘the’ for five minutes.
  15. No words rhyme with orange, silver, purple, angst, scalp, and month.
  16. Rhythm and syzygy (an alignment of three celestial bodies) are the longest English words without a vowel.
  17. There are only four words that have suffix ‘-dous’: ‘tremendous’, ‘horrendous’, ‘stupendous’, and ‘hazardous’.
  18. The only 15-letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is uncopyrightable.
  19. You can read ‘racecar’, ‘kayak’ dan ‘level’ from left to right or vice versa.
  20. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ uses all letters in the alphabet.
  21. The combination ough can be pronounced in nine different ways. The following sentence contains them all: A rough-coated, dough-faced, thoughtful ploughman strode through the streets of Scarborough; after falling into a slough, he coughed and hiccoughed.

“Graveyard Band”

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It is the translation of one of the most attractive bands in Indonesia. It was established on September 11, 2001. The band members disguise themselves in make up. Do you know their real faces? These pictures can represent them in the real life.




kuburan band

Incredible voyage of a dog for 4 months

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dog - sophie tuckerA pet dog which was washed overboard and believed drowned has been found four months later – as a castaway on a remote Australian island.

A canine castaway lost at sea has been reunited with her owners after spending more than four months living off goats on a Queensland island.

Owner Jan Griffith said her family were devastated when their cattle dog, Sophie Tucker, fell off the side of their boat in choppy waters off the Mackay coast in north Queensland in late November.

But unbeknown to them, their hardy hound swam five nautical miles to St Bees Island, where she survived until last week by hunting baby goats.

She was last week returned to her family after rangers captured what they believed was a wild dog.

Ms Griffith said she and her husband had contacted rangers after friends suggested the dog – who had earned a name for herself on the island – might be their long-lost pet.

Last Tuesday the couple met the rangers’ boat as it ferried the dog back to the mainland and were blown away to find Sophie Tucker on board.

“We called the dog and she started whimpering and banging the cage and they let her out and she just about flattened us,” Ms Griffith said.

“She wriggled around like a mad thing.”

But even more unbelievable was hearing how their domesticated “inside” dog had survived, she said.

“She had looked really poor (on the island), the story was, and then all of a sudden she started to look good and it was when the rangers had found baby goat carcases so she’d started eating baby goats,” she said.

“We think she’d swum close to five nautical miles from the boat where she went in and then some people believe she went backwards and forwards from Keswick to St Bees (islands).”

Ms Griffith said their pet had been quick to embrace her now easier existence – complete with air conditioning.


A pet dog which was washed overboard and believed drowned has been found four months later – as a castaway on a remote Australian island.

SMS gratis via facebook

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Apakah Anda Facebook mania? Saya mendapatkan tips ini dari seorang teman. Aplikasi ini bernama ChatSMS.

Langsung coba saja:

  1. Login di account Facebook
  2. Buka alamat
  3. Muncul pop-up, klik Izinkan
  4. Untuk menampilkan aplikasi ini di halaman Facebook, pilih Cantumkan Ke Dalam Profil.
  5. Setelah langkah ke-4, klik Keep.
  6. Geser aplikasi tersebut dengan cara men-drag aplikasi ChatSMS
  7. Akan muncul loading. Tunggu sampai loading selesai
  8. Ganti kode negara Singapura menjadi Indonesia
  9. Ketik no hape tujuan tanpa angka 0 (angka 0 sudah digantikan oleh kode area Indonesai +62)
  10. Tulis pesan, lalu klik Send SMS. Selesai

Semoga bermanfaat.

Flu kuda mengejar flu babi?

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Berita medis terkini yang sedang mendapat sorotan internasional adalah  fenomena virus yang bermutasi. Hal ini ditandai dengan munculnya penyakit flu babi jenis baru. Meski pandemik flu babi ini belumlah usai, dunia medis kembali dikejutkan dengan adanya virus baru, yakni virus flu kuda.

Flu babi yang disebut juga swine flu yang diperkirakan akan menjadi pandemi/wabah mengakibatkan beberapa penerbangan dalam negeri terutama di Jakarta dan Bali meningkatkan pengawasan penumpang yang baru datang dari luar negeri, khususnya dari negara yang suspect flu babi.

Sedangkan virus flu kuda yang diberi nama equine influenza ini sudah menyerang tiga negara, yakni Jepang, India dan Australia. Di India saja, flu kuda telah menewaskan 43 kuda di negara bagian barat India Rajasthan dan Gujarat. Tahun lalu, pemerintah Provinsi Saga di Jepang juga membatalkan perlombaan pacuan kuda menyusul berjangkitnya flu kuda pada sembilan kuda balap.

Sebelum itu, kecemasan akan merebaknya wabah flu kuda ini terjadi di Australia, setelah sedikitnya empat ekor kuda di Sydney dinyatakan positif terserang flu kuda pada pertengahan Desember. Media Australia memperkirakan kuda-kuda itu tertular flu dari kuda asal Jepang yang bertandang ke Sydney.

Berdasarkan laporan yang diberikan laboratorium di Hissar, Haryana, di India Utara, kematian kuda akibat serangan flu itu pertama terjadi pada Januari di Gandhinagar Gujarat. Pemerintah Guajarat memutuskan melarang membeli dan menjual kuda di negara bagian itu guna mencegah penyakit tersebut menyebar luas.

Penyebab Flu Kuda (Equine Influenza)
Flu Equine disebabkan oleh virus Influensa A yang endemik pada kuda. Virus tersebut diketahui bisa berpindah ke jenis hewan lain namun sampai saat kemarin belum diketahui menular pada manusia. Penanda flu kuda adalah dengan sangat tingginya penularan di antara kuda, dan mempunyai masa inkubasi yang sangat singkat, yakni satu sampai lima hari. Ciri-ciri kuda yang terkena flu kuda adalah demam, batuk kering dan keluar ledir dari hidung kuda tersebut.

Marilah kita semua berdoa agar wabah penyakit yang menakutkan seperti flu burung, flu babi, dan flu kuda bisa lenyap dari muka bumi ini. Amin. God bless you.

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